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Mentorship is for teachers who are looking to refine their teaching skills.

When I first began teaching, I had so many doubts and questions that I could have really used someone to discuss these concerns and growing pains with.


My intention with this program is for just that. It comprises of monthly hour long zoom calls which will include:

  • Find the areas in which you wish to evolve 

  • Set manageable goals to accomplish by the end of the mentorship

  • Tips for holistic sequencing, transitions, theming, peak poses and effective cueing  

  • How to provide safe hands on assists

  • Constructive feedback on your classes (one a month recorded and sent to me)

  • Book recommendations

  • Q&A

I will also provide a manual of hands on adjustments. Most of all, someone to hold you accountable as a teacher, student and practitioner. Guiding you from 12 first hand years of experience.


3 months: $400

6 months: $700

Tessa’s classes were always one of my favourites to go to when I just started to get more into yoga in 2012. Even though I was new to yoga it was easy to follow along. Tessa guides you in a way that makes you feel supported but leaves room for self exploration, self expression and growth at the same time. Now 7 years later as I am immersed into yoga and teaching classes myself I still love Tessa’s classes as they always offer something new. Tessa is a teacher I look up to, who carries an abundance of knowledge and will always make you feel safe and welcome in her classes, no matter where you are at in your yoga journey.  ~Johanna Macheledt

Tessa is truly an exceptional teacher who cares deeply about supporting each and every student. She creates this safe space for you to discover and evolve your Yoga practice, to challenge yourself in new ways, to rest and unwind. Tessa’s passion for what she does is so evident and will inspire you to bring more Yoga into your life. In class, her gentle, clear guidance will get you out of your mind and into your body. I leave each class with Tessa feeling a little more grounded, steady and at ease. 

~Lucie Edger

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