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Postponed until 2025

a Yoga & Breathwork Retreat

A transformative experience at a luxurious lakefront retreat centre,

nestled amidst 6 acres of breathtaking forested mountains. 


We are excited to invite you to The Sentinel, where we will invoke the power of the elements, through specifically themed yoga classes and breathwork, to light the path toward your true self. With daily morning and evening practices, 3 nourishing meals a day, one afternoon workshop and so many relaxing amenities we will have the perfect combination to guide you back to your innate rhythm.


Prepare for an engaging journey for all the senses--waking each morning to expansive lake views, a beautiful walk to the sacred wood-framed Maloca will bring you grounding and presence as we gather to move together each morning. The theme of each class will be a specific element, teaching us how to embody and embrace it's power.

Within this harmonious tapestry, we find our place, woven into the intricate fabric of life. As we reconnect with the elements of nature expect to experience a recalibration of your nervous system. Then a remembering of the essence of who you truly are... the Sacred Elements of life itself.

The retreat begins with a heartwarming welcome ceremony, to co-create the container (coming into sangha); where you will be invited to set your intentions and contribute to the sacred altar. 


Our thoughtfully crafted schedule ensures ample time for you to explore the elements, have a forest adventure, or partake in water activities to leave you feeling invigorated and restored.


Indulge in ultimate relaxation with your choice of a cedar sauna or a lake-view hot tub, complemented by a cold plunge in an ornate copper tub. For even more rejuvenation, a short drive away, you'll find the renowned Ainsworth Hot Springs and cave

—a natural treasure.


The wonders don't end there—We encourage you to unleash your potential for deeper healing by opting for bodywork sessions such as acupuncture or massage, or embark on a deep energetic and physical cleanse with spirit medicine from the Amazon, Kambo.


With an array of exceptional amenities and offerings, we assure you that your stay at The Sentinel will leave you feeling beyond refreshed and revitalized, ready to embrace life with renewed vigour.

Double occupancy 

  • lakeside luxury accommodations for 4 days and 3 nights

    • double occupancy - 2 single beds or 1 king bed ​

  • 6 yoga and breath-work practices with Tessa andTiffany

  • one elemental themed afternoon workshop

  • opening and closing ceremonies 

  • 3 nourishing organic meals a day will be a culinary experience 

    • ​any and all food preferences are welcome 

  • access to all the amenities at The Sentinel 

    • lake view cedar hot tub​

    • ​cedar sauna

    • copper cold plunge tub

  • 6 acres of pristine forest in the Purcell mountain for exploring

  • water activities on Kootenay Lake​​


  • transport to and from The Sentinel 

  • visits to the hot springs (Ainsworth Hot Springs is a 15min drive away)

  • massage & acupuncture bookable on request

  • Kambo ceremonies with Tiffany

Single occupancy is available on first come first serve special request at an additional cost.

  • Paypal and e-transfer available

  • Payment plans available on request

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With over 20 years of practice and 12 years of teaching, she has discovered ways to bring balance to her life and those around her. Her practice has taken many forms and has helped her overcome countless obstacles.

Through her experiences, she has learned valuable lessons that she passes on to her students. Her classes are safe, creative, accessible, and empowering. Leaving students with a holistic experience. She uses yoga as her medicine, creative outlet, grounding, and learning.

Teaching asana, posture/movement, classes is not just a job for her, it's a passion. It's a way to connect with others while helping them find a sacred connection with themselves.

Yoga has transformed her life physically, mentally, and energetically, and she believes it can do the same for anyone who practices. Yoga reminds us that we are already whole and equipped with all the tools we need to make the most out of life.

She feels honoured every time she leads a class and gets to assists others in discovering their own unique journey. 

- Tessa, your yoga guide


Tiffany is a Breathwork & Somatic Guide, Kambo Practitioner, and Registered Nurse specializing in Psychedelic Assisted Therapy & Palliative Care. Her Soul Purpose has always been to walk alongside and support those embarking on their own sacred healing journeys. She brings with her years of professional experience, a trauma-informed practice, immense compassion for the human condition, and a deep reverence for her client's capacity to be their own medicine. Holding safe and sacred space for connection with Self, Source, and Spirit Medicine has been one of her life's greatest privileges. Her passions include the exploration of anything that raises frequency, yoga, dancing Kizomba, and bringing women together in community and connection.

- Tiffany, your breath work guide


For more information about Kambo click here.


The Sentinel

A hidden gem amidst the picturesque Kootenay mountains, The Sentinel cultivates a space where individuals can access their inherent ability to heal and transform. We help you uncover the insights essential to your journey, providing a delicate balance of support and challenge to catalyze breakthroughs. Our guiding philosophy embraces the notion that healing is a personal discovery. As trailblazers in the therapeutic use of psychedelic medicine, we facilitate profound transformation in a steadfastly protected environment. By honoring ancient traditions and the power of nature, our practitioners render an array of services, including acupuncture, massage, and ceremonies tailored to individual needs. These powerful experiences, accompanied by our nourishing organic meals, and set within the wild embrace of nature, offer a deeply transformative retreat.

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